High Quality Milk is Provided with High Technology.

Food production, especially milk production, includes strict hygiene processes that are very difficult to implement. Providing both hygienic and humane milk requires high technology. Our cows go through an electronic health check every time they are milked to make sure they are in good health. So you can be sure that fresh milk from the dairy is absolutely antibiotic-free.

Herd Management

In our farm, herd management is followed by special software based on regular and healthy data flow, working together with the milking system. Thanks to the special sensors in each animal, instant and uninterrupted information flow for 24 hours is collected and evaluated by the system.

Renewable Energy

We always manage our farm with an understanding that produces its own energy and adopts sustainable and environmental policies. Currently, we produce energy efficiently with solar power plants that provide most of our daily energy needs and are installed on all possible roofs. One of our main goals is to turn our farm into a completely green energy consuming business with the Wind Power Plant and new energy production methods that can be possible with advanced technology in the near future.