Hygiene and Animal Health

High Quality Milk Only Available from Healthy Cows.

Each of our cows is considered an individual and each has an ear tag. This means that a cow’s feed can be adjusted to meet her own needs and each cow has its own record of personal information. We do our best to give our cows a good life on the farm by keeping them clean, dry and well-groomed.

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Cold Chain

Milking all 2000+ cows in a short time requires high technology and precise timing. Did you know that nerds love a boring and consistent life? In disordered environments, cows become confused, agitated and, in other words, “stressed”. That’s why every day we open the door, our cows walk down the aisle towards a state-of-the-art milking system. When the cow enters the milking parlor, it is cleaned and connected to a machine that will automatically release it after milking. This process takes about 10 minutes from start to finish and allows them to exit one by one and return to the barn. After milking, the milk is moved from 37 degrees to a tank that cools it to 8 degrees in seconds – this process ensures maximum quality and freshness. Then it is transferred to our vehicles equipped with antibacterial cooling tanks and delivered untouched to your door. All tanks and transfer pipes are disinfected daily without touching.