In his farm; They have Cows, Goats, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Rabbits, Cats, Dogs and many other herd animals. But we have the most cows in our farm and we produce 22 tons of milk every day.
While doing this, we fully control the feeding of our cows, from cleaning, health and feed mixtures to the most accurate way, to the journey to you. We attach great importance to quality and food safety.
With our Quality Assurance Program, our entire family works to ensure that all products produced on Ali Baba’s farm are of a consistently high quality and you always receive the best, pure and delicious Ali Baba milk.

Nutritional Values of Our High Quality and Natural Milk

  • Fat: 3.8%
  • Protein: 3.6%
  • Somatic Cell: 240,000
  • Bacteria: <1000
  • Dry Matter: 11.9%

Eco-friendly Farm Management

  • We produce our own energy with Solar Panels.
  • We encourage recycling and reduce water use.
  • We optimize the use of fertilizers and nutrients.
  • Using modern technology, we save money in all units.

100% Natural and Fresh

Our milk, which we produce daily and fresh, is produced by keeping the cold chain and untouched by hand until it reaches your hand from milking. Like our milk, which is the raw material of many of our products, all our other products offered to you are with the same freshness and naturalness.

Easy and Widespread Access

We deliver our milk, yoghurt, butter, cream, cheese and ice cream, which are produced without touching a single drop, to Adana and Mersin regions on a daily basis with our service vehicles. In addition, we provide service through our store where you can order online for all of Turkey.

Ali Baba’s Farm by Numbers!

Decare Farm Land
Daily Milk Production

Green Energy

We produce our own energy with the latest technology Solar Panels placed on our roofs.

Healthy Nutrition

In our farm, we feed our cows and goats with feed mixtures that we produce entirely ourselves.

Professional Production

Our milk is produced without touching a single drop of it at any stage until it reaches you.

Cold Chain

Our milk is cooled immediately after milking and delivered to you by keeping the cold chain.

Widespread Distribution

We produce fresh and natural milk and dairy products in their purest form on a daily basis and bring them to your door.
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